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GSG – Gas steam generators

Gas steam generator for steam heating of brewhouses

plynovy-vyvijec-pary-002Gas steam generators are a good solution especially for small breweries of medium and large sizes (from 10 HL) . The main reason for choosing a gas steam generator is the limitation of needed rated power (circuit breakers), which for larger brewhouse with an electric generator of steam or glycol heater would be very high. Gas steam generator can be used also for the combustion of light fuel oil, which is advantageous everywhere where there is no gas pipe. For our microbreweries we supply gas steam generators including all necessary accessories and installation work.


Gas steam generator typically includes:

  • Gas steam generator
  • Two-stage Riello burner for gas or light fuel oil (pellets)
  • Positive pressure burner
  • The stainless steel tank of filling / condensing water with a pump, controling of the water level and temperature, water valves, shut-off and safety valves
  • Stainless steel sheeting insulation
  • Water treatment plant
  • Dosing pump
  • Connection to the flue
  • Connection to electricity distribution, water supply and sewerage
  • Passport pressure equipment
  • Initial inspection of gas appliances




Gas hot steam generators – price list and technical description :

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