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Flow pasteurization of beer | Flow pasteurizers

Flow pasteurizers

Flow pasteurizer for beerFlow pasteurization of beer is carried out by passing beer through a plate pasteurizer and short heating section in the pasteurization and cooling. Heating and cooling is done by exchanging energy on a plate pasteurizer. Low energy consumption is mainly due to heat recovery and energy exchange between the heated and of cooled beverage.


Flow pasteurizer consists of :

  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Hot water circuit with plate heat exchanger
  • Tube section, where is beverage kept on pasteurization temperature for several minutes
  • Pumps, control valves, pneumatic valves
  • Buffertank inc. sanitation pumps
  • Pipe connections and fittings
  • Electrical cabinet with the control system

The main advantages of flow pasteurization:

  • Protection against overpasteurization of beer
  • Minimal sensory changes due to pasteurization
  • Ensuring 100% pasteurization drinks throughout all volume
  • Great flexibility – fast and perfect adaptation to the requirements of performance
  • Significantly less energy compared to tunnel pasteurizer
  • Small space required, the possibility separate pasterizer and buffertank/li>
  • Quick start


We supply flow pasteurizers any desired parameters according to the specific contract.

We offer these flow pasteurizers for small breweries :



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