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Tunnel pasteurization of beer

Tunnel pasteurizers

Tunnel pasteurizer is a large stainless steel cabinet. The filled and closed bottles are entering on the conveyor from one side of the housing (bottles can be placed in crates or pallets) and the other side are leaving the pasteurizer cooled with cold water at the initial temperature of about 20 ° C.

Heated bottles filled to the desired temperature start after entering the first section of the pasteurizer. Gradually, as the containers pass through the pasteurizer, the temperature is raised to pasteurization temperature of 80-90 ° C. Beer is kept at this temperature after a certain period. After completion of the bottles cool pasteurization and leaving the pasteurizer.

The advantage of this solution is the pasteurization of beer along with the packaging. The disadvantage is less reliable pasteurization and large size of the device.

Tunnel pasteurizer for beerTunnel pasteurizer consists of :

  • Hot water circuit with plate heat exchanger
  • Spray a watertight pasteurization tunnel
  • Pumps, control valves, pneumatic valves
  • Buffertank incl. sanitation pump
  • Pipe connections and fittings
  • Belt or roller conveyor
  • Electrical cabinet with the control system

 The main advantages of tunnel pasteurization:

  • Current pasteurization of beverages and packaging
  • On one line can be pasteurized more kinds of beverages
  • Qucik start
  • Can be used as a heat sink for other devices

We supply tunnel pasteurizers by Czech production of any desired parameters according to the specific contract.





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