WCS – Wort cooling system

cold-wort-system-280x143We use these wort cooling systems in a microbrewery BREWORX : System devices, providing cooling wort (produced in the brewhouse) to the desired fermentation temperature. Fermentation temperature depends on the type of beer.




I.a) Split wort cooling system – with separated components

PHE-KST-500-90-20-002The classical wort cooling system consists of six main parts :

  1. Split liquid cooler or Compact liquid cooler

  2. Ice cooling water tank

  3. Ice treated water tank

  4. Hot water tank

  5. Wort cooler and aerator

Scheme of the split wort cooling system in breweries Breworx :

Schéma systému ledové pitné vody v pivovaru


I. b) Compact wort cooling system – with all components integrated on common platform


The compact wort cooling system is used as part of the Breworx Modulo brewery modular system. All parts of the wort cooling system are integrated on one platform. The compact wort cooling system consists of :

  1. Platform – stailess steel frame
  2. Ice treated water tank – mounted on the frame
  3. Hot water tank – mounted on the frame
  4. Wort cooler and aerator – mounted on the frame
  5. Pumps – mounted on the frame
  6. Compact cooler – mounted on the frame

We offer two compact systems for cooling the wort – independent WCU unit with wort-cooling equipment and ice water storage tank and independent WCU-HWT unit which consists of WCU and hot water tank.

Cooling the wort in brewery Breworx Modulo

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II. Wort cooler and aerator

We use the compact wort cooler-aerator units for both wort cooling and aeration .

We offer these wort cooling-aeration units :

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