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Water and glycol chillers with the integrated condenser


CWCH-MCK-SERIES-01We use the compact liquid coolers with the integrated condenser for jacketed cooling of insulated beer containers – fermentation and maturation cylindrical-conical tanks, particularly in our microbreweries of the type BREWORX MODULO. They are also used to cool insulated bright beer tanks in the beer cellar. The compact cooling unit is also a part of a compact unit for wort cooling.

The main advantage of the cooling units with an integrated condenser is their compactness and ease of the installation. The installation of the cooling system and the activation do not need the construction impacts or a specialized team of professionals in cooling systems. The entire cooling system has the character of the normal electrical appliance. This is an advantage especially when a customer needs financing of the microbrewery with lease or loan. Financial institutions are willing to provide the financing of a brewery, which is not permanently built in the object.

All of the equipment of Microbrewery BREWORX MODULO, coolled by independent cooling units with integrated condenser, can be replaced with an efficient central liquid cooller with a separate condenser.

Cooling system of a microbrewery, consisting of independent compact coolers, for the brewery operators provides the resistance against damage caused by failure of the cooling device. In the event of a failure of one compact cooler the remaining cooling units continue to operate. Repair or replacement of a defective cooler does not adversely affect the economic outcome of the brewery. The central cooler failure of the brewery usually results in significant economic losses – it destroys all the beer, which is currently found in the tanks. The independent cooling functions as an effective backup system and ensures operational reliability without fatal downtime and operating losses.

The design of compact liquid coolers MODULO

Parameters of compact liquid cooling units correspond to their use. They contain the primary coolant circuit with a compressor and condenser, secondary circuit with circulating pump and reservoir with ice water or glycol. Most models are equipped with two digital controllers to sense the temperature of the coolant and cold liquids and control the pump and the primary and secondary circuit including the compressor. The system maintains the temperature in the tanks with wort or beer within required limits.
Cooling units work most of the time in power saving mode when the pump and compressor are switched on only when the temperature of the refrigerant or coolled liquid drops below the set level. The design of our coolers enables to cool to 1 ° C, when water coolant is used, or up to -5 ° C, when a glycol mixture is used instead of water.

Connection variants of compact cooling units in assemblies of refrigerated tanks

  1. Integrated cooling unit – The cooler is installed as a part of the cooled block – is mounted in a common design with stainless steel tanks – such as fermentation blocks FUIC (Fermentation Unit with Integrated Cooler)
  2. External cooling unit – The cooler is located outside of the refrigerated tanks – coolant is distributed to freestanding tanks using hoses or piping system – such as fermentation blocks FUEC (Fermentation Unit with External Cooler)

Devices that can be cooled using compact coolers MODULO :


Cooling system MODULO for cooling the CC tanks by compact cooler

Pricing and parameters of a compact cooling units with integrated condenser :



We offer these compact water/glycol coolers :

Other types of compact water/glycol coolers


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