Support equipment for breweries



Cooling for brewery

Cooling system

… must be designed so as to generate sufficient amounts of cold and kept at the desired temperature all containers of beer in the beer cellar. In addition, he must ensure the production of ice water to cool the wort. We use two cooling systems in our breweries:

a) Air cooling

b) Liquid cooling



CIP cleaning stationCIP cleaning station

Sanitation & cleaning station (CIP) for perfect cleaning of all machinery and piping systems microbrewery that come into contact with the media and liquids. No equipment for the production and bottling of beverages can not operate without this device.






Air compressor for breweryAir Compressor

Air Compressor is used in the brewery for the production of compressed air. This is used for a variety of operations and equipment: aeration of wort before primary fermentation, pushing fluids from tanks, driven pneumatic devices brewery, cleaning brewing technology, production of nitrogen.


Nitrogen generator for breweryNitrogen generator

Nitrogen is used in breweries as a blowing gas for dispensing beer from the container. The pushing gas nitrogen N2 everyone can use in his own microbrewery with minimal cost, using the nitrogen generator.



Reducing valveReducing valves for technical gases

Pressure reducing valve is part of the set for dosing gases CO2 (oxid uhličitý) N2 (dusík) that are used in a brewery as a pushing gas for pushing beer between containers.


Aeration valve for breweryAeration candle

Aeration candle is used to aerate the wort by sterilized compressed air before the main fermentation.




Mobile pump for breweryMobile pump

Portable pump is used for pumping the beer between the containers, and also for cleaning and sanitizing containers and pipes.


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