Brewing process with the microbrewery BREWORX MODULO

How to make beer in a microbrewery BREWORX MODULO ?

Production of beer consists of several consecutive steps. Generally consists of the hot process (production of wort in a hot block) and cold process (fermentation and maturation of the wort in a cold block).


The HOT PROCESS is performed in a facility called BREWHOUSE. This beverage machine contains several functional parts of breweries Breworx Modulo:


brewhouse-modulo-classic-250-011. MASH-WORT PAN
– the main brewing vessel, equipped with special insulation and electric heating elements and agitator, where the wort is made from malt scrap during operations named mashing and wort boiling. Model MODULO Lite-ME has only a wort pan because beer is made from concentrate.

2. LAUTER TUN – an insulated vessel without heating equipped with lautering sieve. It is used for the lautering of the wort – the wort is separated from the spent grains. Model MODULO Lite-ME does not include the lauter tun – the lautering of the wort from concentrate is not necessary.

3. WHIRLPOOL – a vessel with a tangential nozzle intended for centrifugal separation of hop dregs from wort. The most of models BREWORX MODULO integrates the whirlpool into the body of brewhouse, otherwise the whirpool is a separated vessel.


WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM follows the brewhouse. Here takes place the production of ice water for wort cooling and heat recovery is carried out during the brewing process, by collecting the hot water usually to the insulated tank.


CONTROL SYSTEM – when the brewhouse is equipped with the contol system SA, most of the brewing process is performed automatically under the supervision of the brewer. The MC Control system allows manual control of wort production process by the brewer step by step.


COLD PROCESS – is performed continuously in a cylindrical-conical tanks and consists of two operations:


1. FERMENTATION – Sugars are converted into alcohol in the wort during biological activity of brewer’s yeast. This generates green beer that still is not a product intended for consumption. This process takes 5-12 days.


2. MATURATION – The green beer is matured and under slight overpressure is gassed with carbon dioxide, resulting yeast activity. The process takes from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the type of beer. The finished beer is pumped into the serving tanks, or directly from CCT transported to the bar where is served directly to the customers throught taps.


DISTRIBUTION OF BEER – After finishing of producing process the beer can be pumped into the SERVING TANKS (bright beer tanks). There are the serving tanks substituted by the cylinder-conical tanks with the construction for overpressure to 1.5 or 3.0 bar in the MODULO system.

In these special tanks is the beer cooled down. The beer placed in service tanks is intended for distribution and subsequent consumption. If the restaurant is part of the brewery, it is possible to serve beer directly into jars from serving tanks or from cylindrical-conical tanks.
BFA-MB1330-bottle-crowningFor further distribution of beer to consumers is necessary to transfer beer under pressure into kegs (special beer barells), PET bottles, glass bottles, disposable kegs or other containers. For significantly extended life of beers, especially before distribution outside the brewery, it is recommended to perform the filtering of the beer. This is meant to remove residual yeast from the beverage. This causes a colloidal and biological stabilization of beer. For filtration of beer it is necessary to equip the brewery with special filter devices, which are optional parts of the brewery.


TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT – The brewery is also equipped with a set of facilities that provide heat and cold for functional vessels, heat recovery, brewery sanitation, handling of operating with fluids and drink. This includes malt mill, cooling units for the production of cold and ice water or glycol, plate heat exchangers, mobile CIP pump, air compressor with carbon filters, aeration candle, hot water tank, tank for ice water or glycol, computer controller, touch control LCD panel, hoses and pipes, electrical wires, compressed air distribution ways, a gas distribution systems, a distribution system for heating and cooling media and others.


OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT – includes functional parts of the brewery, which are not mandatory accessories, but extends its capabilities, increases work comfort, saves an operating costs or multiplies a marketing effect of the brewery.

This includes in particular: water filters and drinking water treatment plants, beer filtration equipment (plate, candle, deposition, crossflow filters and microfilters), steam generators, CIP station, regenerators for yeast (non-pressurized / pressurized), tray with automatic dosing of hops, conveyor for malt scrap, washer for kegs, keg filling machine, PET bottle filling machine, filling machine for glass bottles, bottles with gases CO2, N2, Biogon, nitrogen generator, pressure water cleaner, air cooling aggregate (for storage of full kegs), tap stands and beer cooling system etc.

Block scheme of microbrewery Modulo - expanded configuration



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