MODULO | Cooling system for beer production tanks

Adequately sized and properly designed cooling system for cooling tanks and containers with beer in the microbrewery is one of the basic prerequisites of making a quality beer. Cooling system in microbreweries must be designed so as to produce a sufficient quantity of cold, and must ensure the required temperature in all vessels in the brewery cellar.


We offer three cooling systems for tanks and containers of beer in a microbrewery BREWORX Modulo :



1. Air coolers – cooling by cold air

Cooling brewery by cold air
– They are used for cooling of non-insulated serving tanks and beer kegs which are placed in an insulated cooling compartment. A specialized refrigeration company must professionally mount the cooling system. The condensing unit is placed outside the building on the console. Inside the refrigerated room is placed an evaporator unit. Both parts must be connected with copper pipes and finally it is necessary to pressurize all the coolant system.

The air cooling system can be replaced by a sufficiently powerful air conditioner the installation of which is provided by the customer – the operator of the brewery.






2. Compact water coolers – with integrated condenser

Water cooling with integrated condenser
– This is the primary cooling system of fermentation units FUIC and FUEC – compact cooling units that do not require installation by specialists. Activation of the cooling system can be easily handled by customer themself according to the instructions provided. It is necessary to ensure the removal of the heat from the room by ventilation or air conditioning.






3. Split water coolers – with separated condenser

Liquid cooling system for breweries
– Industrial cooling system for beer tanks, using a two-part or three-part cooling device that consists of an outdoor unit (condenser), indoor unit (cold generator) and a container of ice water or glycol. The advantage is the economical operation of the cooling system, the drawback is the interference with the building and the necessity of the assembly team of specialists – fixing of brackets and piping of the individual parts, the necessity of wall penetrations, pressurizing of the coolant.


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