Some of our good solutions for small breweries


Some of our good Czech solutions for small breweriesCzech brewer

Do you operate your own microbrewery? Do not be afraid of innovation!
We introduce seven good solutions that can bring benefits and new opportunities for your brewery.



– Reducing of beer loss, energy costs, cost of sanitizing solutions and labor costs in the fermentation process of beer in cylindrical-conical fermentation tanks.




decoction-012-nd solution – BREWORX DECOCTION

– Upgrades of existing brewhouses for the production ability of traditional Czech beer – reconstructions of infusion brewhouses for the decoction beer brewing method




cip1-50-6003-rd solution – BREWORX MOBILE CIP

– A convenient cleaning and sanitation of all tanks, vessels and pipes in your microbrewery – simple mobile CIP station.





kcm-10-keg4-th solution – BREWORX KEG WASHFILL

– A cleaning and filling of beer kegs using the manual or automatic keg washing&filling machine or tools.





microbreweries-breworx-modulo-2505-th solution – BREWORX MODULO

– Build your professional mini brewery by yourself within one day ! Without projection work, building reconstruction work, expensive costs of instalation by team of specialists.




cider-beer-0016-th solution – BREWORX BEERCIDERLINE

– Extend your brewery’s ability to manufacture of cider. This small investment will enable a professional production of beverage which is now conquering the world.




BWX-FUIC-CHP1C-2x500CCT-1000x8507-th solution – BREWORX FUIC

– Experiment with production of new beverage types with reasonable expenditure and little risk. Increase the production capacity of the brewery easily and immediately… without additional expenses.




CCTM 217x100 - Some of our good solutions for small breweries 8-th solution : CCTM MULTITANKS

Very versatile tanks which enable you to arbitrarily assemble a beverage production tank for beer/cider/wine fermenation/maturation/carbonation/flotation/filtration/bottling process in configuration that is currently required with respect to the intended use.




dry hopping 280x143 - Some of our good solutions for small breweries9-th solution : HOP EXTRACTOR

– the equipment for dry hopping – The hop is added to the finalized cold beer in beer tank before bottling or directly during the beer tapping process. We offer the facility Hop Extractor , which is typically used for hopping cold finalized beer in many breweries.



complete-fermentation-sets-new-217x10010-th solution : CFS SETS

The CFS is a complete set of equipment which is needed for the beer (or cider, wine) fermentation and maturation process. Each fermentation set includes one or more cylindrical-conical fermenters, compact glycol cooler, glycol pump and full temperature measuring and control system.



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