1st solution: Adjustable pure product drain valve for CCT

1-st solution – BREWORX VARIO CCT´s


An adjustable pure product drain valve system for easy separation of yeast from the product (beer, cider, wine …) in fermentation cylindrical-conical tanks without loss of product residues. Our system allows the precise height setting of the outlet pipe suction hole just above the actual level of yeast in the tank.


No more product loss – no unusable residues in the tanks !

  • This fitting is designed for using with the pressuring tanks :
    • CCT – Cylindrical-conical fermenters
    • MLT – Maturating-lagering tanks
  • The ARV fitting is equipped with rotating arm (from DN 25 to DN 80), glass sight glass, pressure seal, handling lever and drain valve (from DN 25 to DN 80).
  • Easy instalation on each type of a pressuring tank.


Your price :

  • SQ variations of fermenters – surcharge € 650
  • HQ variations of fermenters – included in the price


Certificates PED-ASME-GUM-GOST


Price list and technical description of typized CCT-C Cylindrical-conical tanks Classic :

other variations of CCT Profi-Classic




Specification and equipmentHQ classSQ classLQ class
Production of the Czech Mini BreweriesHigh qualityStandard qualityLow quality (N/A)
Competitors’ production (usual reality)rarelyoptionalstandard
Main fittings producersEuropeEuropeAsia
*** Inner surface – roughnessRa < 0.8 μmRa = 0.8 μmRa > 0.8 μm
*** Inner surface – sheenglossysemi glossymatte
Outer surface – united designyesnono
Connections of outer plateswelvedwelvedriveted
PU insulation> 50 mm> 40 mm< 40 mm
Thickness of the inner plates> 3 mm> 3 mm< 3 mm
Thickness of the outer plates> 1,5 mm> 1,5 mm< 1,5 mm
* Penetration testyesyesno
Design quality100%100%unspecified
Function quality100%100%unspecified
* Pressure relief valve – adjustable range0 – 3 bar0 – 3 bar0 – 2 bar
* Pressure relief valve – with adjusting scaleyesextra chargeno
Level indicator – sanitableyesyesno
Level indicator – with scaleyesextra chargeno
Vacuum-overpressure aeration valveyesyesyes
** Independent safe overpressure valve3.3 bar3.3 barno
Rotary shower – pressurizing nozzleyesyesextra charge
Racking valve above yeastyesyesyes
Racking valve with adjustable suction heightyesextra chargeno
Racking valve with sigh glassyesextra chargeno
Yeast draining valveyesyesyes
Sampling valve – removableyesyesno
* Overpressure manhole (upper or side)yesyesyes
Cooling area of duplicators> 60%> 60%< 60%
* Manometeryesyesyes
Thermocouple for each cooling zoneyesyesyes
* PED 2014/68/EU certificateyes – alwaysyes – alwaysrarely
* ASME/GUM/GOST certificateoptionallyoptionallyrarely
Warranty36 months24 months12 months

Legend : Asterisks: *= only for ovepressure tanks **= only for volumes more than 1000L ***= only for volumes more than 300L

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Czech brewer

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