8th solution: CCTM modular cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks

Motto : The best decisions are those that you can change at any time.

CCTM – the modular cylindrical-conical brewery multitanks

Modular cylindrical-conical tanks CCTM are very versatile products from our own production which enable you to arbitrarily assemble a beverage production tank for beer/cider/wine fermenation/maturation/carbonation/flotation/filtration/bottling process in configuration that is currently required with respect to the intended use. The current configuration of the tank can be changed at any time, even during full operation when the tank is pressurized and filled with fermenting or maturing beverage.

Recommended configurations of the CCTM modular tanks :


Offers for the CCTM modular tanks in all recommended configurations :

  • CCTM-A1 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration A1
  • CCTM-A2 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration A2
  • CCTM-A3 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration A3
  • CCTM-B1 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration B1
  • CCTM-B2 : Offer for the modular tanks CCTM in configuration B2

Price list of CCTM components :

  • CCTM-BT : Offer for basic tanks of the CCTM system
  • CCTM-MTA : Offer for accessories and equipment CCTM


General informations about CCTM modular tank system


Czech brewer

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