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Control system



Brewery brewhouses Breworx  Classic, Lite ME, Breworx Compact and Breworx Oppidum are manufactured in two levels of system measurement, control and automation – MC, AC.

Control system for brewery BreworxI . Control system level MC (manual control):

Manual control of the brewhouse, simple push-button control panel with basic control and sensing elements. Manually adjusted pipeline routes, switching of motors and pumps, temperature and times are watched by the brewer .

Manual control of temperatures inside tanks using PLC regulators.


II . Control system level AC (automatic control) :

Automatically controlled brewhouse – with most computer- controlled operations – according to the specifications from a central control panel. The control panel is designed as a touchscreen. The brewer selects the recipe and starts the program that controls the production process. The brewer controls it, treats abnormal conditions and ensures the preparation and the brewing of raw materials for the process.

Automatic control of temperatures inside tanks using a central computer.