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MMG – Malt mills – malt grinders

Malt mills (malt grinders) – preparation of malt grist for brewing of wort

malt mils for preparation of malt gristThe malt mill (malt grinder) is a machine to milling malt for the beer brewing process on the brewhouse.

Before starting the brewing process it is needed to crush the grain malt in the prescribed manner, ie expose the grain endosperm without damaging husks. Following the correct way of crushing malt is a prerequisite for quality of beer produced. Crushing the malt, the milling, is performed in a masher called malt mill.
Roller mills are supplied as standard with no accessories, then optionally including a malt container, stairs, a malt conveyor and a chute to the brewhouse.

Malt mill without a conveyor

Powerful shredding malt output of up to 1000 kg malt / h and equipped with bagging stand for convenient filling of bags with milled malt. For units with the output over 3 kW is necessary due to the height of the malt chute to assembly the steps. For the smaller mills steps are also recommended.

Recommended: Comfortable accessories for grinding of malt

  • Trays milled grist
  • Stairs to the grinder
  • Screw conveyors for grist




We offer these malt milling machines :

other types of malt mills



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