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Candle beer micro filters

Candle beer microfilters

– secondary microfiltration of beer for maximum durability and long-consumption limit

Candle beer microfiltersPrimary beer filtration ensures high resistance of beer, distributed in opaque stainless steel KEG-barrels. These barrels are produced in volumes 30, 50, 100 and 200 liters. They are most often used for packaging wholesale distribution of beer for customers who offer beer to consumers in their restaurants.

If the manufacturer intends to sell his beer also through retail network, then the most commonly used packaging is glass or plastic bottle, beer must meet much higher demands on durability and expiration of the drink. Beer in bottles on the shelves in shops is exposed not just to fluctuations in temperature, but often to the high intensity daylight or artificial light, which shortens the life of the beverage. There may not be enough to have only primary filtration. Before filling the beer into bottles it is necessary to perform additionally secondary filtration, the microfiltration.

Microfiltration is carried out in the beer flow through the very fine filter layer of a microfilter. The function of the microfilter is performed either by microfiltration filter inserts in a plate filter, or microcandles in the filter candle.


Microfiltration of beer cannot in any case be carried out without previous primary filtration. Primary filtering of the entire contents of the tank to an empty tank is always performed first. Only then microfiltration of the entire contents of the primary filtered beer into another tank can be performed. From this tank,
then beer is bottled into bottles, kegs or petainers.


We offer these beer microfilters :


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