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Industrial lines for production of cider CiderLine PROFI

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CIDERLINE PROFI – the professional fruit alcoholic beverage production lines

In-built line for the production of cider CiderLine PROFI

Cider-Line-Profi-SetsCIDERLINE PROFI are complete professional production lines for the production of cider whose installation and activation requires the work of an expert team. The technology is firmly connected with the building structure. It enables higher productivity and greater production volumes than the line CIDERLINE MODULO. It includes professional high-performance equipment for fruit processing, controlled fermentation and beverage packaging.

Cider houses CiderLine Profi series include in one balanced assembly all devices that are needed for a professional production of low-alcoholic fruit drinks, known as the cider. They enable to produce not only true cider from apples, but there is no problem to produce experimental fruit drinks from most fruits, forest and garden (currants, plums, pears, raspberries, apricots, peaches, etc.)


Block scheme of the CIDERLINE PROFI:

1. Preparation of must: 1.1 Fruit sorting table, 1.2 Fruit washer and crusher, 1.3 Belt press for pressing of crushed fruit, 1.4 Mobile must pump ,  2.  Fermentation and maturation of cider: 2.1 – 2.7 Fermentation and maturation tanks (CCT) , 3. Preparation of finished cider : 3.1 – 3.3* Cider serving tanks, 4.1 CIP – the sanitizing equipment,  5.1 Yeast regeneration and storage tank, 6.1 Flotation machine*, 7.1 Air Compressor with carbon filters, 7.2 Juice oxygenation stone,  7.3* Nitrogen generator / CO2 cylinders,  8.1  Cooling and heating unit,  9.1*  Filtration of cider, 10. Bottling and selling of cider: 10.1 * Washing and filling of cider into kegs, 10.2 * Distribution and sale of cider in packaging 10.3 *Tapping of cider.



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Combined line BeerCiderLine PROFI for beer and cider: cider house + brewery

Besides specialized production lines we also make production lines for two types of alcoholic drinks – beer and cider. A cider house combined with a brewery BeerCiderLine PROFI is a very effective usage of production technology, which allows for a minimal cost to meet the public demand after two refreshing drink. While beer satisfies mainly traditional consumers, cider is appealing to customers who prefer fruit flavours and refreshing to energetic alcoholic beverages.


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