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Cylindrically-conical fermentation tank for beer

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Currently in the beer production in modern breweries most commonly the fermentation process takes place in closed cylindrically-conical tanks (CCT or CCF). They are cylindrical tanks with a conical bottom which are used for the primary fermentation. Then the secondary beer fermentation usualy continues in the cylindrical maturation tanks in a brewery cellar.

But the main benefit of the cylindrically-conical fermentors is that they allow both primary and secondary fermentation in the same tank without pumping beverage between tanks.

Compared to traditional opened fermentation vats CCT´s have several advantages . Among the most important is easy automatic cleaning, the possibility of full automation of the fermentation process (lower labor costs) and less floor space, which fermentation technology occupies ( CCT can also be installed outside the building of the brewery space). Fermentation at a slight overpressure speeds up the fermentation process. The covered fermentation technology prevents contamination beer by foreign organisms and does not place such a high demands on sterility of the environment as the open fermentation in the fermentation vats.
The temperature of the beverage in the CCT tanks is maintained automaticaly by using liquid coolant as needed in several cooling zones.

CCTM 280x143 - CCT | Cylindrically-conical tanks - Cone fermentorsCCTM – the modular cylindrically-conical tanks : We recommend to get to know our new products – the CCTM modular cylindrically-conical fermenters instead classical fully welded cylindroconical tanks. The modular fermentors have many advantages in comparation with the tanks CCT Classic. Modular CCT-M tanks consists of the basic tank and optional accessories that allow to configure tank according to current needs of customers. The current configuration of the modular tanks may be changed anytime.


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Cylindrical conical beer fermenters


Position of cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks in typical Czech brewery :

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Description of cylindrically-conical fermentors :

Equipment of the cylindrically-conical fermentation tank (insulated, cooled with water/glycol) :

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Standard equipment – description

  • Pressure relief valve – Overpressure setting mechanism with a glycerin manometer (standard range from 0 to 3 bar ) – it allows all fuctions : fermentation + maturation + bottling
  • Cooling channels – duplicators for circulating of coolant in the cooling jacket (one, two or more according type of the tank)
  • PUR insulation – polyurethane insulation with thickness according to the size of the tank and the target environment (standard = 50mm )
  • Stainless steel jacket – with the customer selected surface finishing (standard = grinded)
  • Guaranteed inner surface roughness : Ra < 0.8 μm or less (grinded surfaces) / Ra < 0.5 μm or less (polished surfaces)
  • Inspection manhole on the top cone or on cylinder part, according to customer requirements (SQ = open inside / HQ = open outside)
  • Drain pipe for pure beverage with a butterfly valve for pure beverage output (beer, wine, cider) – optionally with variable height of a suction
  • Tank draining outlet / inlet with a butterfly valve for filling tank, discharging of yeast and draining of full content of the tank
  • Sanitizing shower ball head – CIP sprayball (SQ = statical / HQ = rotational) – one or more pcs
  • Sanitation pipe – a multifunction pipe with a ball valve for connection of a sprayball, CIP station (cleaning, sanitizing), the relief valve with manometer, CO2 inlet
  • Sample valve – cleanable and sanitizable sampling cock for collection product samples
  • Safety valve – double-acting overpressure (standard = 3.2 bar) and vaccum protection (0.2 bar) safety valve – only pressure version of the tank
  • Venting valve – dedicated valve for safety draining of the tank and for accurate measurement pressure in the tank with manometer (when the sprayball is full of foam)
  • Thermometer socket – welded socket for inserting of thermosensor or thermometer (one or more according type of the tank)
  • Manometer – included in the pressure relief valve set, stainless steel, glycerine
  • Fill level indicator – cleanable and sanitizable glass pipe for visualisation of product level in the tank (SQ = fixed / HQ = removable)
  • Crane hinges – steel welded handles for safety transport of the tank with crane or forklift
  • Legs with adjustable feet – 3 or 4 legs with rubber feet for accurate adjusting of the tank on an uneven floor
  • Type label – the steel label with all parameters that are required from European Union for pressure tanks
  • PED 2014/68/EU certificate – the European certificate for the overpressure tank + passport document of the pressure tank


Optional equipment – description

  • Variable clear product outlet (adjustable racking arm) – instead the fix clear product pipe – a rotatable pipe with a butterfly valve and sight glass to accurate adjusting high of the suction inlet according to current level of yeast in the tank
  • Special manholes – secondary site manhole, manhole with sightglass, manhole with glass door
  • Special sprayballs – rotational, pulse or other special cleaning equipment for powerfull cleaning of the tank
  • Side or upper universal armature – for dry hopping , flotation, carbonation stone etc.
  • Scale for the fill level indicator – a liter scale on a cover of the fill level indicator for visualization of the current product volume in the tank
  • Scale for the pressure relief valve – a bar scale on a relief valve screw for indication of just required pressure in the tank (a manometer shows the current pressure)
  • Temperature measurement and regulation components – we deliver more types of thermosensors, thermometers and also fully equipped temperature control systems for our tanks
  • Carbonization stone – the special jet for carbonation of beverages with carbon dioxide using the CO2 bottles
  • Ladder – for easy operating with manholes and other upper accessories of tanks
  • Tank product filling hub – a special tool to easy filling of product (like beer wort , cider must) to the fermentation tank
  • Tank stirring equipment – to stirring contents of the tank, It is mounted on the side of the tank shell
  • Other customizations of the tank – according on customer´s requirements – non-standard dimensions, special armatures, special surface and design of the tank etc.


I. Size ratio variations of CCT fermenters :

We produce CCT fermentation tanks in 6 production lines by the ratio of the height and diameter of the container. It is advantage for customers, because dimensions of tanks is often necessary to adapt for limited space dispositions.



Our wide range of produced cylindrically-conical tanks allows you to select the optimum tank dimensions as layout space.


Properties wider tanks with small height of cylindrical part:

  • They are better for the beer yeast (lower hydrostatic pressure)
  • A gradual temperature curve during the transition from primary fermentation the beer maturation (smaller heat transfer area, lower cooling effect)
  • They are less demanding in terms of height space.
  • They are more demanding in terms of floor space.

Properties slender tanks with large height of cylindrical part:

  • Tanks with larger volumes require a different yeast strain (higher hydrostatic pressure)
  • steep temperature curve during the transition from primary fermentation the beer maturation (larger heat transfer area, the greater the cooling effect)
  • They are more demanding in terms of height space
  • They require less floor space.

We also produce cylinder- conical tanks with other than the standard sizes . We can customize almost any tanks by your special needs.


II. Variations of CCT fermenters according to their pressure limit:

In addition, the customer can choose between the pressure and non-pressure containers. According to the maximum allowable pressure in the tank we produce CC fermentation tanks in several designs:

  • Pressureless fermentation tanks – the maximum available overpressure is 0.5bar – it is designed as 2.0bar tank, but it is not declared as pressure tank and doesn´t have a pressure tank passport. Suitable for non-pressure fermentation of beer or cider.
  • Pressure fermentation tanks – the maximum available overpressure is 3.0bar (according to specific customer requirements up to 5.0bar), includes PED certificate for pressure tanks – container can be used not only for the fermentation and maturation of beer, but also as pressure bright beer tank for tapping into kegs or bottles, filtration and drafting of beer or cider.


III. Variations of CCT fermenters according to their quality and equipment:

According to requirements and financial possibilities of customers we can produce fermentation tanks at three classes of quality:

  • HQ – HIGH Quality – High quality workmanship of all parts, welded joints and surfaces. The inner surface has a guaranteed roughness Ra<0.4 μm – glossy design. The outer surface is unified. All functional armatures and fittings that have an impact on the reliability and safety of the products are made in Europe or in the USA. A perfect separation of the used yeast from the beer or cider, especially at single-phase fermentation of beer or cider when the both fermentation and maturation process are provided in the same tank. Luxury equipment of the tanks. The main advantages are the savings of sanitizing solutions, water and energy, minimized losses of beverages, shorter work time, reduction of production costs. Three years warranty for stainless steel main parts and also for the fittings. The quality class for the most demanding customers.
  • SQ – STANDARD Quality – Standard quality workmanship of all parts, welded joints and surfaces. All functional armatures and fittings that have an impact on the reliability and safety of the products are purchased from approved suppliers from Europe or USA. Inspection of all critical welds and joints. The inner surface has a guaranteed roughness Ra<0.8 μm – semi glossy design. Usual equipment af the tanks, usual set of fittings. Tanks in this quality class comply with all European regulations for pressure tanks and food processing plants. Two years warranty for stainless steel main parts, two year for the fittings. It is the most often ordered quality variaton of tanks for our customers.
  • LQ – LOWER Quality – Lower quality workmanship of all parts, welded joints and surfaces. The most of functional armatures and fittings are purchased from approved suppliers from Asia. The inner and outer surface are not unified. Not guaranteed surface roughness on the inside of the containers. One year warranty for stainless steel main parts, one year for the fittings. This solution is interesting only for starting small breweries because it saves an investition costs. Unfortunatelly, this brings higer beverage production costs. Longer period of sanitation, greater consumption of the sanitizing solution, energy, labor and hot water. High losses of produced beverages. We don´t offer this quality class for our products, because the equipment with the LQ quality class does not comply with the European regulations for pressure tanks and food processing plants. It is the quality of tanks of very cheap world producers of the tanks.

Our yesterday HIGH QUALITY is our today STANDARD QUALITY !

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Our tip : Adjustable pure product drain valve for CCT – the special equipment for preventing loss of the product

Adjustable rackung valve for separation of yeast from the product in CCT


We recommend to use our new adjustable pure product drain valve system for easy separation of yeast from the product (beer, cider, wine …) without loss of product residues.

This system allows the precise height setting of the outlet pipe suction hole just above the actual level of yeast in the tank.

No more product loss – no unusable residues in the tanks.

Your price :

  • SQ version of CCT – 650 Eur surcharge
  • HQ version of CCT – included in price



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Our quality Ten: Why to buy cylindrically-conical tanks just from us?

(why we can not to be the cheapest …)


  1. We design, manufacture, mounted and testing of all tanks (excluding pressureless tanks) in accordance with the strict standards and guidelines for pressure tanks (EU Directive PED 97/23 / EC Pressure Equipment). I.e :
      • Each pressure tank contains a double-acting air vent valve (prevents against an over pressurization or implosion of the tank during its charging / discharging)
      • Each pressure tank also contains an independent overpressure safety valve (prevents against a very dangerous overpressurization of the tank and the subsequent explosion during a malfunction or insufficient capacity of the double acting air vent valve)
      • Each pressure tank is designed by certified designer who is qualified for the designing and calculation of pressure tanks.
      • Production documentation for each pressure tank containing static strength calculation, the exact description of a right manufacturing process, including the required types of welds, thickness of material, critical points solutions.
      • All the manufactured pressure tanks are subjected to rigorous testing of tightness and porosity of welds, using a special liquid that detects even the slightest unwanted leaks, pores or micro-cracks = The Penetration Test
      • Pressure tanks are tested at overpressure which is at least 1 bar higher than the overpressure, for which containers are certified.
      • The Protocol on the tightness and pressure tests and the EU declaration of conformity are issued to all pressure tanks. We also attach the Pressure tank passport, at the request of the customer.
      • Manufacturing processes, design drawings, manufacturing, tightness and pressure tests are supervised by an inspector of TÜV SÜD Czech or another certified company, supplying quality control and compliance with European standards.
      • Each pressure tank contains an indelible nameplate with the obligatory name of the manufacturer, the ultimate pressure or other data that uniquely identifies the concrete pressure tank in accordance with EU PED 97/23 / EC
      • Optionally we can produce the pressure equipment according to the conditions and standards of GOST-R or GUM certification rules. In this case, we charge an extra surcharge for the special certification :
        • PED certification … is included in the price
        • GUM certification … surcharge 5% – We ensure all necessary technical equipment of the tank (GUM compliant), a customer pays and handles the certification process for the tank on site.
        • GOST-R certification … surcharge 10%
  2. We produce food containers fundamentally from food stainless steel that fully comply with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation EC no. 1935/2004. These materials do not release their constituents to food in quantities which could endanger human health or bring about an unacceptable changes in the composition of food or a deterioration in their organoleptic and sensory characteristics in contact with food under normal or foreseeable conditions. We do not use cheap stainless steel with lower quality, which will soon lose their corrosion resistance and indifference to food, especially after repeated contact with the sanitation solutions.
  3. We are looking into suppliers of construction and installation materials and components from which we produce equipment for food production and handling. We do not buy any material from importers who are unable to prove its European origins and characteristics.
  4. All the tanks, which we design for fermentation, maturation and storage of beverages, have optimized dimensions for the fermentation processes, maturation process, carbonation, carried out in accordance with technological standards for beverages production. We do not set the dimensions of the containers by an unqualified estimate .
  5. All containers that are made in HQ quality class, are produced with the guaranteed inner surface roughness of Ra < 0.8 microns, containers that are made in SQ quality class, are produced with the guaranteed inner surface roughness of Ra = 0.8 microns (except in very small containers and terminating welds on intermediate tanks), which is the European standard prescribed roughness of the inner surfaces of the containers that come into contact with food and carried with their sanitation alkalis and acids. Guaranteed roughness of the inner surface of the tank is extremely important to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitation tanks. This is an essential prerequisite for achieving purity and sterility of food production equipment. We guarantee this limited roughness for 100% of the interior surface also for the tanks. We repeatedly do measurements of all internal surfaces of tanks with the special oughness-meter TR-130 during all their manufacturing process. We polish the inner surface of the tank until the desired roughness is reached.
  6. Each container is designed and manufactured in such a way as to ensure easy cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces that come into contact with food. Therefore, the tanks are equipped with at least one sanitation shower, removable and sanitizable level-indicators and sample cooks. We do not use any cheap fittings, for which the manufacturer has failed to sanitary design and cleanability.
  7. Tanks in HQ quality class have an united outer surface. All joints of the outer sheets (thickness at least 2 mm) are either welded or completely sealed. This is important to prevent ingress of moisture into the double casing, moistening the insulating material and the loss of insulating ability. This ensures a consistent quality and insulating capacity of the tanks. For containers in LQ quality the external sheets are usually riveted and they have a thickness of at least 1 mm.
  8. We isolate all the pressure tanks by quality PUR foam. The insulating polyuretan foam is professionally applied to the insulating space of the container so as to avoid formation of thermal bridges, unisolated empty space or deformation of tanks. We do not use cheap little functional replacements for the isolation of tanks such as insulating wool, polystyrene beads, inexpertly applied foam.
  9. Diameters of nozzles, valves and piping are sized correctly according to the volume and tank function – we do not mount underpowered functional elements on the tanks.
  10. The warranty for the tanks produced in HQ is 36 months, warranty for the tanks produced in SQ is 24 months. The warranty on tanks in LQ quality is 12 months. The practical life of the tanks is usually several decades, while elements with lower lifetime (dampers, valves, seals, etc.) can usually to be easily replaced with a new standardized elements of the same or another manufacturer.



Our recommendation:

If you are comparing our prices with competitors, please always make sure that any other manufacturer guarantees the same quality as we offer.



Hot tips :


CCTM Modular cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks

Modular cylindrically-conical tanks CCTM are very versatile products from our own production which enable you to arbitrarily assemble a beverage production tank for beer/cider/wine fermenation/maturation/carbonation/flotation/filtration/bottling process in configuration that is currently required with respect to the intended use. The current configuration of the tank can be changed at any time, even during full operation when the tank is pressurized and filled with fermenting or maturing beverage.

CCT M components 1000x430 - CCT | Cylindrically-conical tanks - Cone fermentors

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… More informations about the CCTM modular cylindrically-conical tanks

The complete fermentation-maturation sets

Do you need easy yourself to increase a production capacity of your brewery or cider house ? We offer CFS – the pre-configured full sets that include all what you need to build fully-equipped fermentation-maturation block.


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We recommend also the alternative solution for your fermenters :

FUIC/FUEC Compact fermentation units – fermentation & maturation units with integrated cooler

FUIC-fermenting-unit-integrated-cooler-2xCCTIndependent fermentation and maturation units are a special variant of the cylindrically-conical tanks we produce. The units have a common frame, fitted with removable wheels and adjustable legs. There are mounted two to four cylindrically-conical tanks including independent cooling units, or one common cooling unit for both CCT with multiple independently adjustable cooling circuits.

The advantage is the independence of the fermentation unit to an external cooling, simple installation without the need for specialized refrigeration workers, flexible integration with other elements of the brewery using special sanitable food hoses.

The fermentation modules are mounted as components of our modular microbreweries BREWORX MODULO, but they are compatible with all other microbreweries – end fittings will be filled by the request of customer.

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