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Fruit washers and crushers

Fruit washers and crushers for the cider production

Our cider houses (production lines for the cider) CiderLine are fitted with devices for washing and crushing the fruit before the must pressing.

Fruit washer and crusher

I. Fruit washers

Fruit washers are used in large volumes of must production from which the cider is produced by the process of fermentation. Fruit washers are optional equipment for smaller cider houses, because it is assumed that the fruit of smaller production can be washed by hand or by less expensive devices.


II. Fruit crushers

During the cider production, fruit crushers are used for crushing of apples, pears or other fruit into small pieces, from which subsequently the press squeezes the fruit juice. This is the starting intermediate for the cider production.



We offer these machines for preparation fruit before juice pressing :

Fruit washers :


Fruit crushers :




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