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Filling drinks into kegs – from 30 to 120 kegs per hour

Powerful automatic washing and filling stations for beer kegs

O the site “small keg washing and filling machines” we present the basic equipment for semi-automatic washing and filling kegs with capacity to 10 kegs / hour in mode washing + filling kegs. This performance is sufficient for small production volumes of beer – for microbreweries with fermenting tanks with volume of up to 1000 liters – 10 x 50 l KEG = 500 liters of beer / hour. The filling and washing performance is inadequate for microbreweries in larger beer tanks. Filling a daily batch of beer in kegs would take several hours.

Powerfull beer washing and filling machine line

We offer powerful facilities for washing and filling kegs for microbreweries medium and large sizes :


Other equipment for keg rinsing, sanitizing and filling :

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