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Components and equipment for production of beer and cider

Beer and cider production equipment – components for breweries and ciderias

All of the following components for breweries and minibreweries are offered as complex supply, or separately with possible assembly work for the customer.



Raw preparation & Hot brewing process - the beer wort production

BBH- Brewhouses - the beer wort machines

The brewhouses are the main brewery machines designed for production of hot beer wort of source raw materials (malt, hops, water, optionally wort concentrates). We offer several brewhouse models - from very simple machines to very powerful six-vessel brewhouses for bigger automatic minibreweries.

MCS- Brewery measuring and control system

The control system for manual or automatic control of the brewing and fermenting process. We offer simple controlled microbreweries and also the breweries with the automatic control system.

MMG- Malt mills - grinders

Malt mills - malt grinders for small breweries. They are designed for safety grinding of malt without damaging its corn husk - it is important requirement for seamless straining beer wort in the brewhouse and for purchasing maximum extract from grain.

Accessories for comfortable grinding of malt

Optional accessories for comfortable work during the grinding and brewing operations. Screw conveyors, steps etc.

STG- Hot steam generators

Equipment for hot steam production. The hot steam is used for heating of the brewhouse, hot water preparation, sanitizing of the brewing technology. Elektric and gas steam generators.

HWT- Hot water tanks

The Hot water tank (boiler) is the stainless steel vessel which is designed for heating, accumumation and storing of heat water. It is equipped with the steam heat exchanger and temperature regulator. Hot water is purchased from the Cold water tank during cooling of the wort after hot brewing process and also during brewing wort if the waste vapor condenser is used with the brewhouse.

ITWT- Ice treated water tanks

The ITWT is the stainless steel vessel whish is designed for cooling, accumulation and storing of drink (treated) ice water with temperature 1-2°C. Ice water is used for cooling of the wort after the hot brewing process. Then is the heated water storaged into the Heat water tank.

WCA - wort cooling and aeration

There is necessary to cool and to aerate the wort immediatelly after the hot brewing process. Then the wort is prepared for the fermentation process inside the fermentation tanks using the brewing yeast. We use the plate heat exchangers with the pipe aeration candle for this phase of the beer production. Ice water and optionally glycol is used for cooling the wort as the cooling medium. The cooling waste heat is accumulated into heat water and storaged into the hot water tank.

Cold brewing process - beer fermentation and maturation

BPS - Beer production tanks

Complete range of stainless steel tanks (non-pressure and pressure vessels) for the production of alcoholic beverages - beer, wine, cider. Beer and wine tanks are produced in standard colors or according to individual requirements of our customers.

CFS- Complete fermentation sets

The CFS is a complete set of equipment which is needed for the beer (or cider, wine) fermentation and maturation process. Each fermentation set includes one or more cylindrical-conical fermenters, compact glycol cooler, glycol pump and full temperature measuring and control system. CCF fermenters are equipped with cooling duplicators and full fitting set for the professional beer or cider production process.

FUIC- compact fermentation and maturation units

FUIC is the compact fermentation and maturation unit which is fully equipped for beer (or cider, wine) fermentation and maturation process, including the independent glycol cooler and temperature measuring and control system. The FUIC is also available for preparation and testing samples of new beer types in breweries. An expanding of the brewery for more fermenters takes only several minutes and whole fermentation and maturation equipment is immediatelly available.

CCT- Cylindrical-conical fermenters

The cylindrical-conical tanks are the mostly used fermenters for the cold brewing process - fermentation and maturation of beer, cider or wine. The CCF tanks are pressure vessels with cylindrical body and conical bottom for one-phase both fermentation and maturation processes. They are equipped with cooling duplicators and full fitting set for the professional beer or cider production. We offer simlified non-insulated tanks for the smallest microbreweries and also classical professional insulated tanks for bigger professional breweries.

OFV- Open fermentation vats

A traditional Czech brewery cellar technology is based on historically proven method of slow fermenting wort in open fermentation tanks and maturation of beer in closed lager tanks at moderate pressure. The Pilsen lager beer is produced in the Czech Republic using this method for at least 150 years.

MAT- Maturation lagering tanks

The maturation (lagering) is next phase of the beer (or cider) production process. Beer is maturized and naturally carbonized of remaining yeast activities in the pressurized tanks. The maturing tanks are equipped with adjustable overpressure valve for setting of the presssure in the tank.

BBT- Serving tanks

The serving tanks are stainless steel pressure vessels designed for storing of finalized beer or cider. They can be equipped with the carbonation stones, level indicators and other optional accessories. The serving tanks may be used also for filtering of beverages of as bright beer tanks for direct tapping of beverages in a neighboring restaurant.

YST- Regeneration and storaging yeast

YST are special pressure containers which are designed for regeneration, storaging, collection and dosing of brewer´s yeast. We offer simple laboratory glass yeast storaging cans and also classical insulated two-jacketed glycol cooled yeast propagators for professional brewers.

Supporting equipment for beer and cider production

CSE- Cooling system and equipment

Generously dimensed and well-designed cooling system for a microbrewery is one of the prerequisites of making a quality beer or cider. The cooling system must be designed so as to produce a sufficient cool for the cooling media. Cooling must keep all containers of beer or cider at the required temperatures.

CIP- cleaning and sanitizing of beverage production equipment

The cleaning and sanitizing system (CIP) is designed for cleaning of whole beverage production equipment - pipes, brewhouse, fermenters, tanks etc. We produce compact static and mobile CIP stations.

CAE- Pressure filtered air station

Air compressor is used for the production of pure compressed air in the brewery (or cideria) . Compressed air is used for a number of operations and equipment that are necessary for the beer production - aerating wort, beer extruded between the containers, filling of beer into kegs etc.

NIG- Nitrogen station

Nitrogen is used to push beer (or cider) between the containers in the brewery. He is either used pure (if we simultaneously extrude the entire contents out from the container), or as a mixture with CO2 called Biogon (when we extrude beer from the vessel gradually over a longer period - beer is stored in the bright beer tanks).

COE- Carbonation-oxygenation equipment

Finished beverage carbonation with carbon dioxide is used wherever it is required for a carbonated beverage, i.e. containing dissolved CO2 gas - beer, cider, carbonated wines, soft drinks, mineral water.There are used special pipe aerating candles for wort oxygenation .

MPM- Mobile pump

Mobile pump is used in breweries, wineries passages. It is intended for the transfer of solutions between beverage containers and for easy sanitization of vessels and piping routes.

Equipment to the preparation of beer or cider for sale

FIL- Filtration of beer and cider

The beverage filters are intended to increase the resistance and life extension of beer especially its subsequent filtration without pasteurization. Filtered beer is stripped of most living organisms, although it lacks the body beneficial live yeast, but yet it still keeps its taste and variety of nutritious substances. The filtration is principially a mechanical removing of all live yeast from the beverage. Beer once or several times flows through one or multiple filtration layers with different porosity. This process causes the gradual decreasing amount of yeast in beverage.

PAS- Pasteurization of beverages

Pasteurization of beer is short temperature increase in beverages at a temperature which causes destruction of sporing pathogenic, but also the human body beneficial organisms.During pasteurization beverages are sterilized. It is performed on devices called pasteurizers (sometimes we use the term “pasteurisers”).

DHE- Dry hopping equipment

Dry hopping is part of the beer production process which is often used in the United Kingdom, Scandinavian, North-American or Australian breweries. The hop is added to the finalized cold beer in beer tank before bottling or directly during the beer tapping process. We offer the facility Hop extractor, which is typically used for hopping cold finalized beer in many breweries.

KWF- Filling into kegs and petainers

Washing, sanitizing and filling kegs is necessary operations in breweries that distribute beer to other restaurants. Operators of small brewery with restaurant that tap beer directly from kegs, not directly from the tanks, need these devices too. We offer simple handy filling valves, machines for machinery washing and filling of kegs and also fully- equipped keg washing and filling lines .

BFE- Filling into bottles

We offer a wide range of equipment to isobaric bottling of products in protective atmosphere CO2. Simple manual bottle filling, semi-automatic bottle fillers and rinsers, automatic bottle filling machines, bottle labeling machines and bottle capping machines.

Cider production equipment

FWC- Cider fruit washers and crushers

Fruit washers are used in large volumes of must production from which the cider is produced by the process of fermentation. During the cider production, fruit crushers are used for crushing of apples, pears or other fruit into small pieces, from which subsequently the press squeezes the fruit juice. This is the starting intermediate for the cider production.

CFP- Cider fruit presses

Our cider houses (production lines for the cider) CiderLine are fitted with a device for pressing fruit juice from crushed fruit. Fruit juice is a starting intermediate for the production of cider beverage which is produced by fermentation and subsequent maturation in fermentation units.

Dispensing equipment for beverages

BDT- Draft beer towers

Interior towers with beer tapping valves for luxurious pubs, restaurants, hotels and microbreweries.

DTP- Beer tapping valves

Taps are used for tapping beer and other drinks into glasses. The valves are firmly mounted on a draft beer towers. Appropriate selection of beer taps clearly motivates customers to buy drinks on tap.

DBWC- Compact draft beer coolers and dispensers

Built-tapping devices integrate the technology of cooling, tapping and dispensing of excellent chilled beer together. They are mainly used in small restaurants, garden and makeshift restaurants. Our offer includes about 30 types of draft equipment from quite simple to luxurious.